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When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

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When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Time To Replace Garage Door Opener | Garage Door Repair Dallas, TX

Your garage door opener takes care of operating the door so you don't have to. It's a very useful piece of equipment with both electronic and mechanical parts. The functionality works so that you can open your door with a single click of a button on your garage motor remote. Doing so will prompt the opener to crank up the belt, chain or screw to lift the door open, ready for your arrival or departure.

As with most electro-mechanical systems that are used on a regular basis, these systems do have a recommended lifespan. Read on to find out how to know whether or not it's time to consider replacing your unit.

  • It's Past It's Sell By Date

    Your opener can start to fail after regular use over a considerable period of time as a result of natural wear and tear. If your opener has been around for about 15 years or so, it may be time to upgrade.
  • Lack of Safety

    If your opener has been around longer than you would like to admit, it may lack some safety features that are now standard with modern door units. The most important is the automatic safety reverse system which 'senses' something or someone caught between the door and the floor and quickly responds by telling the door to lift back up again. This is a crucial feature to have especially if you have pets or small children running around.
  • Being a Neighborhood Nuisance

    Your neighbors may be enjoying a few Zs when suddenly the grating and clanking sound of your opener yanks them out of their precious sleep. They may try to be polite about it and try to live with it but eventually, if it continues, you may find yourself having an awkward conversation with one or two of your neighbors (!).

    Noone wants to be the neighborhood pest -  a screw or chain drive garage door opener is usually the culprit for the noise because of the many large metal pieces involved when at work.

Don't be the neighbor everyone talks about, consider a new opener installation today if it's needed. Our experts at Garage Door Repair Dallas in Texas will be happy to advise you further.


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