Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is an essential part of your door for the garage and comes in various choices when it comes to automating your door in city.

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Garage Doors

Garage Doors

We Are Garage Door Maintenance Specialists and Promise Thoroughness

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Roll Up Garage Door

Roll Up Garage Door

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Professional Solution for Any Problem

You might be an excellent handyman, but are you sure you can fix your garage doors?Their mechanism is much more complicated than other devices and the fact that they consist of both mechanical and electronic parts may confuse you or endanger your life. Are you sure you know all the answers to the following questions?

Don't forget that the results of your work will affect the operation of the garage door and your methodologies will determine your safety.

  • Which garage door parts are most prone to damage?

    The tracks seem to be the most vulnerable parts as currently they are made to be much thinner than in the past. You should pay special attention to the rollers and hinges as well. The garage door springs and cables are made to be very strong, but they are under a lot of tension and this can shorten their useful life.

  • What are the available sizes for garage doors?

    There are plenty of sizes available for built garage doors. Experts say that they can come in different widths, starting from 1200mm to 6600mm. This allows the door to accommodate any type of garage that an average home will have.

  • Are there many types of garage doors?

    Traditionally, they were swing hung doors consisting of two panels swinging outwards. The up and over type also opens outwards partially and then slides up and back. The roll up garage door will just roll at the top of the garage opening. There are also the sliding doors and the most popular ones are the overhead doors. The last two can also be sectional doors, which means that they consist of different hinged panels.

  • How often must I lubricate the springs?

    Regular lubrication maintenance is vital for keeping various mechanical parts operating properly. A spring's lifespan can be substantially extended by two or three lubrication services a year. Keep weather in mind as well, as low temperatures may cause your springs to require more frequent lubrication.

  • What is the difference between garage door repair and maintenance service?

    They are both important and closely related. Garage door maintenance has the meaning of a preventive service, which can exclude the possibility of sudden problems. It involves the inspection of the entire mechanism and then the necessary garage door repairs. On the other hand, repairs may be needed at any given moment when some parts malfunction due to any reason whatsoever.

  • How easy is it to take care of the remote controls?

    Most garage opener remote devices are not complicated, but if they suddenly stop working you should check their batteries first. In the meantime, you must keep their inner circuits clean and it is always wise to replace them with more modern models. If you change the batteries and you still don't see any change, you should follow the instructions of the manual.

  • How often must garage door repairs take place?

    It depends on the initial condition of the garage door parts. If you maintain the system often and update the most crucial components on a regular basis, you will hardly bother with unexpected garage door repair services. Though, components lose their capacities as they grow old and you will soon need to deal with repairs.

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